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Spotlight: Alice Stanton

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Why did you choose this internship?
“I knew that I wanted to do research, and this looked like a good fit with my interests and background in biomaterials and building in vitro models. I was interested in drug testing and being in a mid/large-sized company since I’ve previously worked in a startup.”

How did the BTG program help you?
“The Biotech Training Grant program empowers the student to be able to make an internship happen. It has clear requirements involving the internship and this keeps it on your mind as something that is worthwhile that you can make a reality.” 

What did you learn from this internship?  
“I learned so much about therapeutics and immuno-oncology and pharmaceutical development.  I also gained insight into corporate culture and industry approach to science. I was happily surprised by how academic-feeling Genentech is in many ways and how the infrastructure and many resources are structured to support scientists in their day-to-day work and broader career development. It was valuable to see the extent of information-sharing within the company, and I hope to incorporate that into my future lab someday.”

What are your long-term plans?
“My goal is to have my own lab and be involved in early stage companies. I am academically-geared and plan to apply to faculty jobs in the future. Hopefully my future lab will lead to new companies as well.”