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Our Program

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Kickoff meeting for Biotech trainees 9/30/2021

Unique aspects of our program

The Program Director and Faculty Affiliates actively seek to provide an exposure to the broad scope of "biotechnology" that goes beyond what a single department offers. 

The Biotechnology Training Program captures faculty preceptors and students at Stanford with focused interests in applied bioengineering and biotechnology and trains the next-generation of leaders in the areas of tools and technology development (molecules, computation, instrumentation, and devices) as related to drug discovery/development, and synthetic biology, using a quantitative build-design-test mindset that is quite distinct both in terms of approach and subject matter from any other PhD training program at Stanford.

An important and unique aspect of our program is that our trainees complete an industry internship to supplement their research training. These internships have ranged from research to development to business/consulting.  Students learn new skills and perspectives that they bring back to their respective research groups.  

Program Eligibility 

Our program is open to pre-doctoral students matriculated in the participating departments and programs at Stanford University who will be starting the second year of their PhD program, and in exceptional cases, their third year.  The requirement for our trainees to pursue research projects rooted in biotechnology, necessitates trainees to be appointed as rising second year students. It is expected that trainees will have broad interests in the area of biotechnology.

Students selected for this program can join as an appointed trainee (with NIH T32 grant funding) or as participating trainee (with funding from other sources). All trainees are expected to commit to and participate in all program components, and their involvement should continue through the duration of their PhD program. 

How to join

Interested in being part of the biotechnology training program?  Learn about our program requirements and NIH training grant awards.

How to apply