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Trainee Meetings 20/21

Event Details:

Monday, October 5, 2020 - Thursday, May 27, 2021

1-Oct-2020: Welcome Activity (organized by Dana Cortade)

5-Oct-2020: Career Readiness Pilot Launch (introduced by Kenisha Puckett & Stephanie Eberle)

12-Nov-2020: Research talk by Caitlyn Miller (" Targeted immuno-stimulant delivery transforms the tumor immune landscape and prolongs survival in murine breast cancer")

10-Dec-2020: Research talk by Melissa Nakamoto ("Expansion Microscopy at the Nano-Bio Interface")

14-Jan-2021: Industry Career Panel (organized by Dana Cortade, Wilson Sinclair, Amy Ho)

28-Jan-2021: Research talk by Deep Sinha ("Engineering Brain Cancer in a Dish: Hydrogel-based in vitro Models for Pediatric and Adult Brain Tumors")  

11-Feb-2021: Summer Internship Share (featuring Dana Kralicek, Gabe Reder, Robert Chen, Catie Cuan)

25-Feb-2021: Research talk by Katie Antilla ("A Magneto-resistive Biosensor Assay for Detecting Circulating Tumor DNA in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer")      

11-Mar-2021: Research talk by Stevan Jeknic ("Measuring HIF-1a activation dynamics in single cells")  

1-Apr-2021: Research talk by Catie Cuan ("Haptics for Rehabilitation and Demonstration")      

15-Apr-2021: Research talk by Edward Gao ("Design and Synthesis of SMUG1 Activators as a Strategy for Cancer Prevention")

29-Apr-2021: Research talk by Emily Meany ("Improving cancer immunotherapy: hydrogel delivery of adjuvants and formation of immune cell niche")

13-May-2021: Research talk by Eva González Díaz ("Tissue engineered 3D models of osteosarcoma for drug discovery")

27-May-2021: Research talk by Wilson Sinclair ("Tracking mycobacterial trehalose monomycolate interactions with the host during infection")

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